VII. Usage in the Game

Let us repeat that the program meets all requirements of PokerStars and 888Poker. You need to run NiceHandOmaha as Administrator for PokerStars and in common mode for 888Poker. You need to run 888Caption as Administrator for 888Poker.


Note that the program NiceHandOmaha takes information from the PokerStars client. There are various programs of this kind. The techniques used in these programs are highly nontrivial and can interfere with the joint use of such programs. Naturally, the developers of programs do not share the techniques they use. We checked out a joint work of our program with the well-known program StarsHelper, and no problems were found.

We also checked a joint work with TableOptimizer, and here we faced some issues, but only in case when TableOptimizer runs before NiceHandOmaha. We recommend the following order of launching programs. First of all run the PokerStars client. After that launch NiceHandOmaha. Now you may start TableOptimizer and StarsHelper (although, I repeat, there were no conflicts with the latter). At the end of a gaming session, everything should be closed in reverse order. First, you need to close TableOptimizer and StarsHelper, then NiceHandOmaha, and, lastly, the PokerStars client.

Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker do not inject into the PokerStars client, so that is safe to use too.

Why do you have to start NiceHandOmaha first? The answer is sample: the program does not affect the poker room client, it simply "listens" to it. So the software requires only the original unmodified client. On the other hand, since NiceHandOmaha does not change the client, it does not affect the other programs.

Also it is important from the security point of view. It is better to enter your password before you run any other programs. This practice should become a habit.

We also do not guarantee operating capability of the program after release of new versions of the PokerStars client, because they can change the internal structure from which we take the data. In the case of changes, we certainly will make every effort to fix the program.


  1. PokerStars client,
  2. NiceHandOmaha as Administrator,
  3. other tools,
  4. open tables for games.


First of all run the 888Poker client and 888Caption as Administrator. After that launch NiceHandOmaha.


  1. 888 client,
  2. 888Сaption2 as Administrator,
  3. NiceHandOmaha,
  4. other tools,
  5. open tables for games.

At the moment, we are working on tournaments. Which leads to more available data. Try to use the software in a tournament and if the HUD is no displayed, please send us the NiceHandOmaha.log file and we will do our best to add the missing functionality into the software.

Your comments and suggestions relative to functionality and interface of the program as well as various proposals for other programs for Omaha can be sent to a customer support: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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