Now pick opponent`s card range. For example, VPIP is 20%. VPIP is Voluntarily Put Money In The Pot Percentage. Input 20% in the text field next to Op1 and press button.


Pic.1-8. The opponent`s range is 20% of all hands

Open a new window “Hand Range Op1”. Down we can see a slider for PFR (Preflop Raise Percentage) and VPIP definition. In this matrix view there is number of combinations with Hero and board cards taken in account. There are 3 suited AKs and 9 off suited AKo combinations resulting in 12 AK combinations. On the top right we can see our equity versus opponent equity. Without considering blocking cards range consisting of 270 combinations from all 1326 pocket cards. With considering the blocking cards 198 combs left in the opponent range. 114 of those are winning combinations and 83 are losing ones, 1 comb is resulting in draw. Opponent range contains 40 pairs, 68 aces, 63 suited combs and the combs by suits. In this case only hearts can be a worry for us. There are only 20 such combs. Let’s move to the next example from the article. Clear open cards and choose a new cards. Assume that АсАs and QsJdJh came on flop. Let opponent have the same range as article range: 22+, А8+, К9+, Q9+, J9+, T8+, 98, 76. Input the range with Copy and Paste. Then press button Op1 . Please refer to pic.1-9

Pic.1-9. AA vs range of 22+, А8+, К9+, Q9+, J9+, T8+, 98, 76

4 combs AQo and 2 combs AQs (AQ – 6 combs). KQ – 12 combs etc. Remove combs that opponent supposedly folds on flop. Remove 22-88,А8,А9. Please refer to pic.1-10

Pic.1-10. AA versus range 22+, А8+, К9+, Q9+, J9+, T8+, 98, 76 after Hero bet on the flop


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