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Flop: 4 , J , J ($0.65, 2 players)

Kid Elviss checks, NikNukPro bets $0.35, Kid Elviss calls $0.35
The primitive playing line would be to make a big bet or play all-in. In the pic.13 we can see the opponent range. It consists of 138 combs with +109 – 29 =0 (+win -lose =draw).
We lose 29 combs: KJs(2),QJs(2),JTs(2),J9s(2),AJo(3),KJo(6),QJo(6),JTo(6).

Pic.2-2. Opponent range considering the dead cards

Let’s think why opponent calls rather than folds. He might have one of 29 winning combs. Then he may have flush draw (only spades) and two over cards AQ, KQ and pairs 66,77 and 88. Let’s assume that only spades in suited combs without jacks are left. For example right-click ATs so that window suits selection on the right pic. 2-3.

Pic.2-3. Suit selection for A9s

In the suit selection window choose spade-spade only. Then repeat this operation for ATs, A8s, A7s, A6s, A5s, A4s. For A4s only diamond-diamond combs and then remove them. We don’t touch KJs and continue with KTs,K9s,K8s,QTs,Q9s,T9s. We remove ATo,KTo,QTo,A9o from the range.

Pic.2-4. We choose call cards opponent

We press Op1 button. Please refer to pic.2-5 (+48 -29 =0)

Pic.2-5. The range before turn


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